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Why hire a Georgia bankruptcy attorney?

Many individuals are curious why it is imperative that you hire a bankruptcy attorney when filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy .  It is not required by law.  There are compelling reasons why you would need to have legal assistance when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia.  Recently, changes in federal bankruptcy laws have made such filings more complex.  For example, you are required to take a "means test" that has the purpose of determining whether you are eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, which discharges the debt you owe.  As in the past, various loopholes made it possible for individuals who really could have afforded to pay off their debt to avoid it by filing Chapter 7.  This means test is tough, and if you fill it in incorrectly, you will be determined to be ineligible for filing Chapter 7.  This aspect of a bankruptcy filing is so important that it can be dangerous if you are hoping to be released from crushing debt.  It can be a relief to have the assistance of a Georgia bankruptcy attorney if you are considering this legal action.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Georgia

You are likely not familiar with bankruptcy court filings and requirements either.  There are some individuals who have filed themselves and have a total failure as the filings are incorrect.  In these cases, the individuals end up in an even more difficult situation, and now have been denied the opportunity to clean up their financial situation.  They often end up using an attorney after attempting it themselves, but have already suffered huge losses due to the time wasted while trying to "do it themselves".

It must be determined if you are eligible for bankruptcy , and there are new requirements such as the necessity to have had credit counseling by an approved credit counseling group within the past 18 months.  How does this work?  With legal advice from an understanding and qualified Georgia bankruptcy lawyer from Rickman & Blevins, P.C. you can get affordable legal help that will save you the problem of trying to figure out government forms and requirements on your own.  Many people get the forms and intend to get it done, and the papers just sit on the desk gathering dust.  All it takes is running into that one question that you have no idea how to answer, and your attempt at filing yourself disappears.  Don't take chances with your financial future.  Contact the firm and speak to an attorney who will arrange a time to discuss your case with you.  The firm has a policy regarding clients which includes being affordable, responsive and reliable, and you will know that you are handling the bankruptcy properly and won't have this extra stress on your plate.

Contact Rickman & Blevins, P.C. for Bankruptcy Filing

The legal team provides personal service and an understanding approach for clients in the Atlanta Metro Area as well as other parts of Cobb County, Paulding County, Fulton County and Cherokee County.

Contact a Georgia bankruptcy attorney from Rickman & Blevins, P.C. if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

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